Marius and Maria teaches Romanian folklore dances to amateur and professional folk ensembles, in courses and various workshops. He has participated to workshops in countries like: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Serbia, Switzerland, Walles.

It is inevitable that in the important moments of ones life one will not have the opportunity to meet folk dances. There is no wedding, christening or party without a brau, a hora or an ardeleana.
Unfortunately in many of our villages we are witnessing a deterioration of the folklore, we are witnessing almost its disappearance and its replacement with other genders, which are completely different from our traditional folklore.

This made me start this course and try to bring more people to its "origins". I am glad that many young people (and not only) answered to our call and we believe that we managed to complish beautiful things. Thus, during the events, they succesfully manage to dance what should be danced and not only “two steps right, two steps left."
The material that is presented during course lessons (in the firs part) includes the traditional dances from Banat, performed at all parties: hora, braul, ardeleana, de doi and sorocul.

Furthermore, those eager-to-dances will discover the entire richness of Romanian folklore from Rustemul of Oltenia to Cadaneasca from Dobrogea, from Taraneasca of Moldova to Brîul din Muntenia, from Polca of Bihor to Jiana of Fagaras and from Purtata of Câmpia Transilvana to Învârtita of Maramures.

By teaching together, in different compartments, Marius and Maria offer a better possibility of instructing all the participants and, accordingly, couple dances can be better understood. Each of their programs contains a variety of dances from almost all folk regions of the country.