Village museum and peasant hauses

Series that appeared in 1963, containing 7 values representing different elements from Romanian traditional houses.

  • 20b. House from Chiojdu Mic-Ploiesti, the 18th century
  • 40b. House from Ceauru-Oltenia, the 1875 years
  • 55b. House from Dumitrana-Hunedoara, the 19th century
  • 75b. House from Cutisoara-Oltenia, the 19th century
  • 1.00L. House from Tilisca-Brasov, the 1847 years
  • 1.20L. House from Rapciuni-Bacau, the 19th century
  • 1.75L. House from Stanesti-Arges, the 19th century

Series that appeared in 1986, containing 6 values representing peasant houses from 6 folk regions of the country. The series appeared to celebrate the 50th anniversary since the foundation of The Village Museum, by Dimitrie Gusti in 1936.

  • 50b. House from Alba
  • 1.00L. House from Arges
  • 2.00L. House from Constanta
  • 3.00L. House from Timis
  • 4.00L. House from Neamt
  • 5.00L. House from Gorj

Series that appeared in 1989; it contains 6 values representing different patterns of peasant houses in different periods of time.

  • 50b. House from Zapodeni – Vaslui, the 17th century
  • 1.50L. House from Berbesti – Maramures, the 18th cent.
  • 2.00L. House from Voitinel – Suceava, the 18th cent.
  • 3.00L. House from Chiojdu Mic – Buzau, the 18th cent.
  • 4.00L. House from Cimpanii de Sus – Bihor, the 19th cent.
  • 5.00L. House from Naruja – Vrancea, the 19th cent.